Supper Studio is a ‘loose’ dinner-discussion series where speakers come together over a shared meal. Students and speakers cook, eat, and drink around one big table.

Organizer, Instigator (2011-14)
UCLA Architecture & Urban Design
Los Angeles, CA

Supper Studio is a ‘loose’ dinner-discussion series initiated at UCLA Architecture and Urban Design. Each evening features a group of experimental practitioners working in and around the discipline of architecture. We are interested in practitioners who explore the limits of the field, who find intersections and crossovers between disciples, pulling at issues beyond the normative. We are interested in food as a common denominator and conversation as a starting point. The dinner-discussion series is a social experiment that seeks to move beyond the traditional podium-speaker format.

Past Speakers

Fiona Conner on Pacific Brick Company
Reinhold Martin on non-form
CJ Lim on food and the city
Jeff Kipnis on music genres
Berlin Farm Lab & Root Simple on domestic living and domestic systems
Jere Mladinov of Pulska Grupa on the Croatian Pavilion, Venice Architectural Biennale 2012
Knowhow Shop on launching a fabrication co-op in Highland Park
David Ruy, Jason Payne & Michael Osman on craft
Hitoshi Abe on 2 offices, 50+ projects, 200 slides in 20 minutes
Jimenez Lai of Bureau Spectacular on installations (i.e. fragments of architecture)
Benjamin Ball and Eddy Sykes on designing production
David Freeland and Andy Ku on the spatial, atmospheric and structural potential of drawing
Kivi Sotamaa & Florencia Pita on projects and translations from 2D to 3D
Danielle Rago of ASAP on archiving praxis
Crap = Good on the emerging niche within the field of graphic and media design
Olive Hess of Materials & Applications on underused ideas in art, architecture and landscape

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